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Why Switch to HubSpot CMS? 4 Reasons for Companies Serious About Sales

The primary objective of B2B-websites should be helping visitors to find the information they are looking for. On top of that, generating quality leads could be perceived as an equally important goal for companies that are making sales. HubSpot’s new CMS Hub is designed keeping these objectives at the highest priority. HubSpot offers two different versions of CMS Hub. Designed for fast-g...

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Personalize your content through a CRM-CMS integration

Since your website interacts with your customers, it is only logical to say that your CRM should interact with your content management system. The new CMS Hub works seamlessly together with HubSpot CRM. The idea behind a CRM-CMS integration is that all the activity on your website will be transferred straight to your CRM system for instant analysis, reporting and actionable insights. Und...

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