Over the years, I have helped various organizations to re-implement the HubSpot CRM platform. What, isn't once enough? Not always. Sometimes the initial implementation was done poorly, or there has been a gap since the implementation, and users have changed over the years, etc. Increasingly, implementation has been perceived as a one-time thing, and the nature of the entire project's change management has not been properly understood.

Are you considering a CRM? Have you already leaned towards HubSpot? Here are some tips on how to choose an implementation partner.

HubSpot CRM, which is easy to adopt and scalable, is a good game. G2 Crowd recently selected it as the world's best software, and not without reason! However, even good software doesn't get far without committed users, so choosing an implementation partner is of paramount importance. A good partner helps get started and, on the other hand, accompanies you for as long as the software is used in the desired way and results are achieved.

What criteria are you using to choose a partner? Many factors influence a good choice, such as how well you get along as people. However, it's worth evaluating a little deeper, as the decision is ultimately important. Much depends, of course, on your goals: Are you adopting the Starter version for quick, hassle-free implementation for a small business? Or are you transitioning a professional, fifty-person marketing and sales organisation from an old CRM to HubSpot?


1. Vision and Best Practices

The idea of CRM is not to change your strategy but to enable a more efficient way to organize data, manage information, sell, market, and serve better. Yet, a good CRM and the modern technology it represents enable plenty of new things that you can agilely implement for better customer experience and results. A good partner draws from best practices and offers valuable insights, leveraging which your investment can yield returns faster.


2. Sales and Business Understanding

HubSpot CRM is the first customer relationship management system that serves sales, marketing, and customer service within one interface. However, because its mission is to promote growth, a skilled partner needs to understand the business challenges and bring strong sales insights to the table. The overlap of sales, marketing, and customer service requires the ability to move from top to bottom and back: from goals to metrics and processes, then to programs, daily operations, and back to metrics and results. CRM requires a CRM specialist, and a good specialist always speaks sales.


3. Understanding of the Overall Environment

Nowadays, very few software or platforms exist in isolation, without connections to other parts of the technology stack. Data needs to flow, and processes need to intertwine in both sales and operations and billing. A good partner helps optimize the overall environment and provides agile, modern integrations and migrations.


4. Experience in Change Management

What is one of the biggest reasons CRM implementations fail? Unfortunately, this is seen all too often: Failure to understand that the new routine doesn't settle in instantly. The basics of CRM are learned fairly quickly, but monitoring and optimizing work, supporting users, and returning to metrics according to agreed practice - this requires change management, and a good partner provides that too. Lack of change management is also found in my previous list of the top 5 reasons why CRM implementations fail.


5. Measurable, Clear Programs

Ultimately, let's return to a fairly straightforward yet important point. Customers are different, and needs can vary greatly depending on the industry, company size, and situation. However, measurability should accompany the process from the outset. At the same time, an experienced HubSpot Partner has over the years structured, tested, and refined their services so that the programs work even in challenging situations. The One Size Fits All principle is difficult to implement as-is when it comes to CRM.


Hunting for a Good HubSpot Partner

Understanding of Business. Processes. Valuing data. Ability to understand the entire ecosystem from ERP to CMS. These are the competences and strengths of a good CRM partner.

However, perhaps I would still highlight one soft criteria in the end, namely cultural FIT. The prerequisite for the success of implementation is that both parties sync - do the teams get excited, do the values match, are we strict or do we share smiles... these things matter a lot.

If CRM is important, make the choice yourself

What works for one may not always work for another. That's how it is. This time, I highlighted key factors that I have personally experienced to be at the center when considering the implementation of HubSpot CRM and choosing a suitable partner. Success is always a two-way street, but ultimately, the decision about the partner is in the hands of HubSpot's customer: I believe it's unnecessary to use consultants in partner selection; the most important thing is to be involved in the process oneself, make the choice based on clear (personal) priorities - and listen to intuition.

If you want to hear more about what we offer as a partner, you can learn more about the topic here or you can also start a discussion directly!


Looking for an implementation partner?

Are you seeking an experienced partner to support your company in implementing HubSpot CRM into your business? Leave us a message so we can discuss your situation further!

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